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Holistic is characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole that uses a non-harmful "natural" approach to addressing and reversing the "root cause" of the problem as means to restore the body back to it's original healthy state of being taking into consideration the whole person — body, soul (mind-will-emotions), spirit, nutrition, environment, and social factors. The holistic approach is biblically documented as the authentic way of well-being. It's time to return to our true origin!

The major problem with some remedies is the fact that it can be hazardous to your health. In some cases the regimen is more dangerous than the initial problem. Health is a positive thing, but when trying to achieve health in a harmful way skull and cross bones with toxic chemicals foreign to the body, you are really not gaining in health "altogether". Combining a (+) with a (-) is known as "duality" (help+harm). This creates a "null" effect. At IsoHealthy, we believe health should be just that — PURE HEALTH in wholeness. We provide solutions for those who seek Higher Good Alternatives for everyday life.

At IsoHealthy, we've eliminated the top leading
negative factors in the welfare of people, pets, and planet.

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Life's Abundance Nutrition for People & Pets
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Life's Abundance Pet Food formulated by Jane Bicks who is a holistic veterinarian

Life's Abundance Pet Food and Treats are made with integrity containing wholesome ingredients that contribute towards the welfare of the pet whose standards for quality and nutrition exceeds the U.S. pet food industry standards. Life's Abundance pet products are not sold in stores (not part of the commercial pet food network), they are shipped straight to your door and the food is not warehoused longer than 4-6 weeks; the transit time is generally three days. Grain-free formulas available. Life's Abundance foods and treats are truly a heaven-sent for dogs and cats. Feed with ease of mind. NEVER BEEN RECALLED

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The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition states that: "Nutrition is the most important single factor affecting health. This is true at age 1 or 101. But too often, this fact is overlooked in the development of new health programs. Nutrition is a specific factor in the prevention and control of many chronic diseases".

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There are 784,000 estimated deaths per year in the U.S. from properly prescribed drugs and 7.5 million estimated unnecessary procedures performed per year.     - Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Drugs versus Essential OilsDrugs vs. Essential Oils

There are over 188 scriptures in the Holy Bible for the use of plants and their oils for healing the sick. Learn More »



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