30 Ways People Poison Themselves
Before Breakfast

According to the U.S. Government and product manufacturers, the following is a partial list of chemical poisons found in products that are absorbed, ingested or inhaled by the body before you even eat breakfast! This list does not include the additional use of common household cleaners.


FDA does not require companies to test their products for safety.


According to Cancer Prevention Coalition press release; 17 June 2002…

“Cancer and health risk experts just concluded reviews that indicate mainstream cosmetics and personal hygiene products pose the highest cancer risk exposures to the general public, higher than smoking.”


When using common household cleaners in the shower, on mirrors, toilet, etc., you inhale and absorb a whole new range of poisonous chemicals that can damage the organs, eyes, central, nervous, and respiratory systems.

Day after day, week after week, year after year, people may be unaware they are being exposed to numerous poisonous chemicals found in common, everyday household and personal care products. By themselves there is reason for concern, but when you combine them in your body, there is reason to worry.

If a product had a warning on the label “this is poison” you’d think twice before purchasing it let alone using it. What is the cumulative effect on our health after using many, many products that contain small amounts of dangerous poisonous chemicals?

We spend every night breathing vapors from chemical poisons in the mattress or pillow and sleeping between sheets washed in poison. A typical U.S. family might start the day grooming with a shower/bath, shampoo, condition, brush teeth, shave, as well as using colognes, perfumes, hairsprays and etc., in an enclosed area using many products containing poisonous ingredients. Then we all dress with clothes washed in yet more poison.