Simple Tips For Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Below are some basic guidelines to help you get started in the right direction towards a healthier you! There is a ‘set’ divine law and order established for health that works equally for everyone without favor, and it goes like this: only put things in the body that is compatible to and designed for the […]

The True Meaning of REAL Love

The below article is not to say that I am perfect in every way my self…self-improvement is a life long process, even as a God-chosen and anointed prophet-Christian. I am not the best role-model example of ‘Love’ — God “primarily” created me to be a role-model example of “Complete Unity”. But I do share what […]

White Sands National Park – New Mexico, USA

The White Sands National Park is located about 15 miles west of Alamogordo in New Mexico and it was FUN!!! … a huge God-made playground. It looks like snow but it’s white sand. They even sell sleds (the flying saucer type) there to slide down the sand dunes on. I got there the day before […]

Petrified Forest National Park – Arizona, USA

    The Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona, USA is about a 30 mile road that runs North and South. I started from the north entrance off of I-40 exit 311. The scenery seemed to get better as I traveled south. The height of the show was at the south entrance where there was […]

Highway 261 – Utah

Highway 261 is about a 30 mile stretch between Highway 95 and Highway 163, southeast in Utah. It is not for RVs! -or for vehicles towing. The first 10 miles seem like a normal highway, but after that the road became a gravel road and got real windy. I started from the top (north going […]

Highway 95 – Utah

Traveling South on highway 95 coming out of Hanksville, south east  corner of Utah, was a scenic route. You drive through some amazing canyons which is part of Glen Canyons National Park. Below are pictures from the “pull over” scenic over look areas. That is Colorado River you are seeing in the pictures.

Goblin Valley State Park – Utah, USA

  Goblin Canyon Walls To get a close-up look at the Goblin walls, click on the image below. They are rich in naturally occurring artistic detail.         Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4   I spent 4 days and 3 nights at Goblin Valley State Park, and enjoyed every minute!!!! […]