Divinity vs. Divinity Of Jesus Christ

Everyone is still connected to God to a certain degree (still reflect God our creator in His Image to a certain degree); however since the Fall Of Man that happened eons ago when darkness entered the world and into mankind, people are not experiencing or reflecting GOD in the full whole measure and as an result are experience/reflecting God in a dark (gray) way of duality; hence all have fallen short of the Glory Of God.  [Black Zone = Pure Evil / White Zone = Pure God / Black+White = Gray Zone = Duality, combo of both]

Glory = the splendor and bliss of heaven; high renown or honor won by notable achievements; magnificence; “expectations”.

AND everyone is still connected to the Universal Laws Of God (Divine Law & Order); when operating in alignment with them you can experience god-like qualities in your personal life. ANYONE can apply/incorporate the written law of God from the Holy Bible into their life and experience more of the good life; the more God-stuff you apply and incorporate into your life (healthwise, farming, daily living, etc.), the more life will flow in your favor and reflect the nature of God. You can pretty much experience all there is of God BUT not in ALL HOLINESS due to the Fallen Nature of mankind spiritually.

At this point you are experiencing Divinity — in a lower mediocrity way. Those who are living in alignment with The Laws of God are mere a lighter shade of gray but still “gray”; still in the gray zone of duality.

Deception #1: while you can experience just about all of God even as a Fallen Man (fallen in nature), “all” is really not “ALL”.

Deception #2: People are aligning themselves up with the Universal Laws of God, living in accordance with Divine Law & Order (upon learning of them and self-improvement), but many are doing so on the SOUL (mind-will-emotions) and PHYSICAL level of being not from the spiritual level of being which is higher in nature. And then some people are doing so from a spiritual stance but with other spirit deities not of God (which is still lower in nature).

Doing so (getting in alignment with the Universal Laws of God and Divine Law & Order) on the PHYSICAL level is lowest in rank.

Doing so (getting in alignment with the Universal Laws of God and Divine Law & Order) on the SOUL (mind-will-emotions) level is “medium” in rank. The SOUL is “middle grounds” between the physical-body and spirit-body i.e. between physical reality and spirit reality.

Doing so (getting in alignment with the Universal Laws of God and Divine Law & Order) on the SPIRITUAL level is highest in rank; however, doing so with other spirit deities is still lower in rank compared to do so with JESUS CHRIST spiritually.

Here is where the Divinity Of Christ comes into play.

Most of you have heard by now, Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven.

Fallen Angels are in the same “status” as Fallen Man; neither are experiencing God in FULL HOLINESS. Fallen Angels were once holy angels serving God in the spirit-realm but sinned and fell out of “complete unity” with God (hence got kicked out of heaven and are here on earth amongst us), and they (Satan) have caused mankind to sin and fall out of “complete unity” with God-Heaven too that gave birth to the DUAL NATURE, when Satan entered into mankind so did darkness. Both fallen angels and fallen man still resemble God to a certain degree. Meaning, what ever God creates is an off-spring from God that will reflect His Nature, even in fallen nature (to a certain degree).

Deception #3: Just because God created all things, all mankind, not everyone is a Child Of God! People are a dis-owned child of God, kicked out of the house (heaven); thus the purpose of Jesus Christ … Jesus is the bridge to heaven … it is in-through-with Jesus Christ spiritually “in wholeness” that gets us back into heaven (the home of God), to be a reclaimed back as a Child Of God.  Having God’s Holy Spirit alone won’t get you back into heaven, it is biblically documented that it is in-through-with Jesus Christ that leads to heaven!!! God’s Holy Spirit is one thing and the Spirit Of Jesus is another thing [Holy Spirit vs. Spirit Of Jesus]. Receiving God’s Holy Spirit helps us get cleaned up towards living a holier lifestyle BUT we need to be “yoked” to Jesus Christ spiritually “in wholeness” for COMPLETE UNITY.

You become a “redeemed” Child Of God per being “yoked” to Jesus Christ spiritually, in wholeness; where you are “truly” carring out your Heavenly Father’s Will in PURITY and in ALL HOLINESS.

You can carry out God’s Will for humanity, evolution, and your life with Satan or with Jesus Christ. Doing so with Satan will cause you to fall short of Heaven. Doing God/Divinity with Satan is lower in nature and doing God/Divinity with Jesus Christ in full-whole-mature measure per YOKE is the ULTIMATE HIGH.

Deception #4: People are waking up to the fact that they are more than flesh and bones, that there is a Divine Law & Order for harmonic balance on earth (health and prosperity), and are getting in alignment with it (the Universal Laws of God) experiencing GOD (the higher good life) more so, that conclude “why do you need Jesus Christ when you can experience GOD anyhow (without the yoke of Jesus)?!”

Like grade school and college, there are different grade-levels of evolution for maturity and “highness”; same goes with Spiritual Growth Evolution!!!! The yoke of Jesus Christ, being “grafted-in” to Jesus is the Highest Achievement, but it doesn’t stop there, life actually begins there!

Satan vs. Jesus Christ

My actual experience of God/Divinity  (B.C. before Christ)

My actual experience of God/Divinity (A.C. after Christ)


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