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Not all forms of health care and healing is of God as many people think. People think that, just because something seems to produce a positive effect then it must be of God, but this is far from the truth. Powers from the dark realm can also produce the appearance of healing.

Healing from the dark side will have negative strings attached to it via dual in nature of help+harm. In many cases these “negative strings” (harmful effects) are below the human conscious level of perception. As an example, you may feel okay physically, but it could be harming you spiritually or soul-wise (mind-will-emotions) that in turn will cause more chaos and symptoms; therefore the healing won’t be in wholeness nor permanent. The whole-body (flesh, soul, spirit) must all be taken into consideration as for the “do no harm” rule goes.

When healing comes from “up above” (God-Heaven) it will draw a person closer to the heavenly things and ways of God; and visa versa, healing that comes from “down below” will draw a person closer to the things and ways of that dark nature (kingdom).

So when considering all the options of health care and healing, one must take into consideration the entire big picture of what’s going on physically and spiritually.

Many ungodly things and ways are being passed-off as GOD and NORMAL.

We live in an era of massive deception.


Serpent Health Care

The Greek word the biblical Apostle Paul uses to denounce drug usage in Galations 5:20 is pharmakia, translated into English as witchcraft or sorceries.

xxxVine’s Dictionary of New Testament Words defines pharmakia as: primarily signifying the use of medicine, drugs, spells; then poisoning, then sorcery, witchcraft.

Strong’s figuratively, sorcery, witchcraft. The root word (source) of pharmakia is pharmaku. Strong’s #5332, and means: Concordance of the Bible list pharmakia.

Strong’s #5331, as: Medication, by extension magic, literally or, a drug, spell-giving portion, druggist, prisoner, by extension a magician or sorcerer.

John warns us in Revelation 18:21-24 that this promise of peace, the world offers us in the form of drugs, will be the means by which the whole world will be deceived in our day. The whole world is quickly being deceived by drugs.

“…the sorceries that flow out of Babylon will deceive the whole world.” -Revolution 18:24

Now when you read what sorcery is, the Greek translation is Pharmakia; which means medicine from a pharmacy.


The TRUE story behind the snake and rod

To make a long bible story short, God asked Moses to lead the Israelite slaves of Egypt out of bondage to the Promised Land. Along the way the Israelites grew impatient and started complaining speaking against God and against Moses. So then the Lord sent venomous snakes among them; they bit the people and many Israelites died. Realizing they sinned against God the Israelites asked Moses to pray to God to have the snakes removed. Then the Lord said to Moses…

“Make a snake and put it up on a pole; anyone who is bitten can look at it and live.” -Numbers 21:8

So Moses did what the Lord asked making a bronze snake and put it up on a pole and people were healed by it. However, the Israelites turned it into an idol worshipping it instead of God. So God had it removed.

Since then, the enemy came along adopting (picking up) the “snake on pole” thing as to be a symbol for healing; as a God Knock-off. In today’s times, the healing that comes from the “snake on pole” (serpent health care) is of the enemy and reflects his nature: manipulation, bypass, cover-up, hide, destroy. Manipulative therapies only cover up the real problem; putting it out of sight; making you feel good at the moment; but you are really NOT all right.

New Agers worship and turn to the snake as to be a good thing of healing and spiritual growth not realizing it is of a defiled negative origin.


medical symbol  

Cadeuses is the name of our Medical Symbol,
(symbol: Two Snakes & Rod)

– In the 7th century it came to be associated as an introduction to medicine, based on the Hermetic (Hermes-Greek god) astrological principles of using the planets and stars to heal the sick.

– It is a winged staff with two snakes wrapped around it.
(the medical symbol)

– As a symbol for medicine, the Cadeuses is often used interchangeably with the Rod of Aesculapius
(single snake, no wings).

rod with snake  

Aesculapias (symbol: Snake & Rod)

– god of healing
– Aesculapian: center of healing.

   The source of healing was the snake (Corinth) a false “savior”.
– Rod of Aesculapius: single snake and rod.


Occult Healing (symbol: Serpent On Back)

Yoga – This is a false healing in which the snake is worshipped, as well as other deities.

kundalini serpent


– It was used by the astrologer priests in the Eleusian mysteries of ancient Greece and has been associated with the Gnostic Corpus Hermericum and KUNDALINI YOGA where it is thought to be a symbolic representation of the “subtle” nerve channels, the “ida”, “pingala” and “sushamna” described in yogic Kundalini physiology.



Did you know our doctors and nurses in the U.S.
must take an oath to a false god, Apollo?



* I swear by Apollo, the physician, by AESCULAPIUS, by Panacea, and all the gods & goddesses, calling them to witness that according to my ability and my judgment I will keep this, my OATH & COVENANT

* I will keep this, my OATH…; but should I trespass and violate this oath, may the reverse be my lot

(1989-School of Medicine taken by the graduating Aesculapians)



False healing is healing that comes out of occult (witchcraft, magic, sorcery, alchemy, etc. ), it opens doors towards negative influences on the soul (mind-will-emotions) causing the person to keep on doing ungodly things falling into one trap right after another. They will draw-in more ungodly thing towards themselves like a magnet.

Ungodly sources for health care and healing can give the “appearance” as if “all is well”, but these ungodly methods of health care and healing will put a person in bondage; meaning that, these ungodly methods of health care and healing will cause a downward-spiral-movement (like a cork-screw) taking a person deeper and further AWAY FROM GOD and THE WAYS OF GOD … will keep a person in continual sin; meaning that, the person will just keep getting themselves involved with things and ways not of God as in Pandora’s Box effect of performing an action that may seem small or innocent, but that turns out to have severely detrimental and far-reaching consequences.



Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs is not in the realm of God’s Medicine; it is not biblically documented as to be our medicine. How drugs work reflects the image of the enemy, they induce more negative “down-falls” in the body physically and spiritually … one drug leads to another putting a person in bondage to be co-dependent of drugs as for their “Life Support System”, you are using a negative source to hold you up and hold you together. Hence the person is operating on a “different” foundation for health and Life Support – NOT OF GOD.  

Drugs versus Essential Oils

Pharmaceuticals is false healing…they open doors to darkness (Negative Influences) offering hopelessness versus health. Pharmaceuticals just make you feel good while being sick! Feeling good does not mean you are healthy (this is a fallacy of the mind), it just “hides” the fact that you are sick. If you were healthy, you wouldn’t be on Pharmaceuticals. Healthy people are drug free. Pharmaceuticals is a counterfeit sense of “all is well”. Pharmaceuticals is an “easy way out” from not having to deal with the root-cause of the problem of why you are sick in the first place which is on the spiritual level of being.

Feeling Good from drugs (+) with negative side effects/problem still there (-) is duality; where health is not really being achieved “altogether”. Feeling Good Naturally + No Longer Sick = healthy.

Drugs and Surgery can only “physically” treat the physical manifestation of the problem; if the root cause of the problem is on the spiritual level of BEing, then it also must be dealt with on the spiritual level to rid of the physical manifestation of dis-ease (a body-spirit not at ease).

Since prescription drugs is out of the dark kingdom, they also create God-blocks where God’s spirit cannot fully flow in-through-out of a person to be a vessel for God; they hinder (retard) spiritual growth to where a person can’t grow-up and evolve spiritually of Complete Unity with God-Jesus…the way God intended us to be – in a FULL covenant relationship with Him.

Essential Oils are biblically documented as to be our medicine; however, they should not be used as a Jesus Christ substitute nor be used in an ungodly way.

Therefore, you’ll want to change-out your health foundation from defiled to divine!



Healing Arts

Another form of occult healing that is becoming very popular in today’s times is “Healing Arts”. While hands-on-healing is biblically documented, their way of hands-on-healing is quite different from THE WAY OF GOD hands-on-healing. Healing can come from up above (God-Heaven) or powers of the dark kingdom below; however, healing that comes from down-below has negative strings attached to it, it will draw a person downward more into that realm (the occult) creating a bigger gap between you and God (heaven).

Much of the hands-on-healing type of practices and other types offered today deal with occult manipulative therapies; like Reiki, therapeutic touch, acupuncture, EFT tapping, Ayurveda, homeopathy, iridology, muscle testing, subtle energy, acupuncture, kinesiology, biofeedback, chakras, crystal therapy, dowsing and divination, hypnotism, meditation, visualization, color therapy, Qigong, Shiatzu, Tai Chi, Yoga, and many new ones are always rising. Many of these “intuitive” healers are connected to and are spiritually guided by other spirit deities not of God. It is not God’s spirit coming through them to do the healing.


Reiki versus
Hands-on Healing


Another good book to get is this … A Biblical Guide to Alternative Medicine; it breaks down many forms of healing arts explaining why each are not of God.

So while a person may experience healing in the physical body from “Healing Arts” (powers of the dark realm), below the conscious level of reality it will spiritually deaden you and put your spirit and soul into bondage.



What a price to pay just to get physical-body relief … is it worth selling your soul for?



True Healing

Dis-ease means a body not at ease; the body is not at ease because the spirit and soul is not as ease. Part of my calling is to teach that sickness (dis-ease) is a result from a wounded spirit, emotional baggage, and sin; and to thereby teach people how to evolve in God(Jesus) spiritually.

sin = transgression to divine law and order – THE WAY OF GOD

“It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” – Mark 2:17 Jesus came to heal the sinners as it is they who are the sick ones. In layman’s terms: righteousness=health and sin=sickness. “See, you are well again. Stop sinning or something worse may happen to you.” -John 5:15

Sin is more than do not steel, do not commit murder, do not commit adultery… sin can simply be thinking the wrong way. In some cases just changing out sabotaging thought-patterns, emotional-patterns, and behavior-patterns can effect a healing!

When we heal ourselves from within on the spiritual and soul level of BEing, then the physical body will also be healthy.

“First clean the inside of the cup and dish, and then the outside also will be clean.” -Matthew 23:26

Many people are trying to achieve health and healing from an ungodly approach.


At IsoHealthy, we do health, wellness, and healing God’s Way.



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