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Are you looking for a noble reputable home-based income opportunity? Or looking for an income-based humanitarian-missionary type of life work? Community Work? Prosperity with Purpose? Or looking for a way to raise money for a special cause? Financial Independence with Financial Security?  If so, you have been led to the right place. Seek No More! It doesn’t get any better than this.

The income opportunities can be easily interwoven in with what you are already doing. Each can be done individually or in combination (keep 1-3 together as a rounded health and wellness package). Do it part-time or full-time. Each come with a pre-made website for you to use at a very low monthly cost, when people shop from your website you earn money. The income opportunity “vehicle” has already been built for you, just jump into the driver seat and GO…it’s that simple.




As an independent distributor, you’ll receive …

  ecommerce website with a built-in shopping cart and a built-in sales tracking system 
  FREE toll-free support line and order taking operators
  FREE fulfillment center; that stocks and ships the products for you (no personal inventory needed)
  FREE training and support
  Promotional Marketing Tools reasonably priced and free downloads



Humanitarian, Missionary, Home-based Business, Fund Raiser Income Opportunity Number 4 - TJ Clark   T.J. Clark
 This Affiliate Program offers a FREE website! NO start-up cost!!!!! :)



Optional …

We will give you a FREE distribution website!!!!
Your website will look “similar” to the following site (give or take a few items).

Free Website





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We also offer the same income opportunities particularly For Christians that comes with FREE Divinity Life Coaching for IsoHealthy Divinity Life Program members.