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New Age is a huge holistic spiritual system (an occult) with many sub-parts … Yoga and Kundalini are some of its parts that involves prostrations, meditation, humming and chanting, visualization, colorization, hypnosis, emptying of the mind, mind manipulation, and so forth. New Age is based upon using practices, techniques, and methods from the dark realm for achieving spiritual connectedness, enlightenment, and wellness (divinity likeness) … it is the mirror reflected copy and shadow version of the actual true Christianity. Meaning, they are trying to get the same results as in true Christianity but they substitute Jesus Christ out for other ungodly deities.

God’s way to divinity DOES NOT involve any of those things!
Jesus says, “my yoke is easy and my burden is light” (Matthew 11:30).


YOGA – its more than an exercise

Yoga is a Hindu word that means “unity” “one with” “yoke”. Yoga is a spiritual practice to bind in oneness with other spirit deities not of God. Yoga consist of poses (prostrations) amongst other things. Prostration is defined in the dictionary as …

lying flat out and stretching in a certain way is an act of reverence (a gesture indication deep respect to) and an act of submission (the action or fact of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another)

Prostrations are a form of “sign language” communication to and recognized by ungodly spirits.

NOTE: you cannot do Yoga as a mere exercise only! It is an occult form of exercise to be led by ungodly spirits.

Some Yoga brochures will say it is to increase the flow of energy within the body. “Energy” is just another word for “spirit” as spirits have energy! So what they are really saying is; “yoga is a practice to increase the flow of ungodly spirits within you”. Folks, we live in an era of massive deception. God’s spirit is not the only spirit out there. That is not how you bind to God or connect to God’s Way of Divinity.

When binding to a spirit deity (God or defiled) the persona (personality/characteristics) of that spirit becomes one with your persona (characteristics/personality) spiritually on the soul level (mind-will-emotions). Meaning that, your BEing (how you be) will not “only” be of you but of them too. Two (or more per how many spirits you bind with) personas (personalities) will be playing-out within one physical body, almost like having multiple split personalities. Sometimes it will be a smooth blend (them with you) and in other cases they will dominate over your true self putting themselves upfront and your true self in the background.

Being in “oneness” with God will be a smooth blend of an “enhanced you” and NEVER dominating! -your true self will not be denied, with God you will also have FREE WILL. But that is not the case with these other spirits, in some cases they put you in bondage and take over your BEing completely without you knowing it. You’ll be a prisoner within your own body! Your true self will be locked up and denied the right of FREE WILL.

Humans are already inborn with multiple spirits playing-out in them from birth, they get handed-down genetically, then on top of the ones we already have, more gets added on as you go through life from an ungodly lifestyle. Our body is a host not only for God’s Spirit. As a Christian, we want to get rid of these other spirits and find our true self by getting reconnected to God in Complete Unity who helps us remove these other spirits. Yoga is a practice to open the door for more spirits to come in and invade your body!


Understanding Yoke

In physical reality, a yoke is a thing (usually made out of wood) that connects two animals together as one, making them a team. The purpose and intention behind yoking is to fulfill a given task getting a job done faster, and that, two combined as one (operating in unity) makes a stronger force. Marriage is another type of yoke; per a marriage ritual ceremony, two become one.

How it is physically is how it is spiritually.

Yoga is one of the many ritual ceremonies that binds (yokes) a person spiritually with another spirit (not of God). Like I said earlier, “Yoga” is a Hindu word that means yoke, unity, oneness. The Hindu people are known for worshipping MANY gods. “Christianity” is God’s version to oneness – true Christianity that is! Where a person becomes in oneness with God the Christ-bound way. So there is the “true” Christian way to divine oneness and then the New Age way to divine oneness with many other (not of God) spirit deities. Okay.

What is the purpose and intention for being married? To have more of each other, to make each other “feel good”. To live together in one dwelling. To combine each individual goals and dreams into one with working towards them in togetherness. To help each other get what each other wants in life; as in, I’ll scratch your back if you scratch my back. And so forth. Relationships are usually “conditional” based upon a set of conditions. And what happens if the relationship is no longer making you feel good or you are no longer getting what you want out of the deal? You break the marriage contract per a divorce. Being bound in oneness with God or unclean spirits, work the same way!

The “feeling good” that comes out of doing yoga is to keep you in a marriage contract with them. You get want you want “feeling good” and they get what they want out of the deal – which is your body and SOUL. They want your soul. As you all heard, there is a war for your soul. God also wants your soul, and does not want you to share your body or soul with other spirits! -God created us to be one with Him and His Spirit only. When bound to unclean spirits, they alter and dominate the way you see things, feel, and think.

There is a spiritual warfare over your soul to guide people a certain direction to achieve a long-term goal for humanity per evolution. God has a master plan for life on earth. When connected to God in oneness, our being operates on that course of action. Our life-span is one small unit of time, and by each of us doing our part in our own life-span, God can achieve His long-term goal for humanity per evolution. However, these other spirits have a mind of their own, wanting civilization to go a different way of their choice! – to be rulers of the world. So you can be part of God’s Plan for mankind or not. But with every cause is an effect. You may not like the final destination effect by not wanting to be one with God in His Divine Master Plan! God did create us with a GRANDEUR purpose and intention – HIS purpose and intention. God created us to do life with Him; not to do life on our own, and not to do life with other spirit deities.

The purpose and intention for mankind of other spirit deities is not good. They make it appear “flattery” and good for mankind only for you to want to bind with them. They will lie to get your soul and body, so they can do their thing on earth using your body as a vessel.

I know this may sound a bit bizarre to those who are carnal and secular. But you need to know the truth. It is time to wake up to reality and do something about it versus ignoring it. We need to deal with it.

The god of Yoga is ISVARA. The occult powers behind the facade of Isvara are very real. The teachings of Yoga is NOT union with God, Yoga unites you with BRAHMAN, a devil-serving deity.

Sure, it’ll make you feel better at first…

The sense of feeling good that comes out of Yoga is to lure you in deeper; to get you hooked. Whatever spiritual practices you discipline yourself to is what you’ll BEcome. Once bound to these false god spirit deities you’ll be subject to “their” influences. Being induced with multiple spirit personalities, you actually become lesser of YOUR true divine self as they take domination over your Soul (mind-will-emotions).

According to Hindu traditions…the first law links people to the cosmos, that good Karma is central to the process of spiritual growth from life to life. The second principle is the Maya; the belief things are not what they appear to be, thus is a vital aspect of the process of moving from one life to another is necessary for spiritual evolutions is to occur. Then the final stage is Nirvana, where a person’s BEing and self (spirit-soul-chakras) is merged with Brahman. The followers who obtains Nirvana no longer needs to be “reborn” in the cycle of “rebirths”. Thus the belief of Hindu traditions are based on reincarnation or transmigration.

Meditation is used to reach the Yoga (yoke) goals, followers hope to move their consciousness toward “transcendence” in Samadhi—seeing “Self” in all things and all things in self.

Self-centered; the nature of Satan is Self-ish, where all is about “it-self” … all revolving around it-self. When in divine oneness with God, a person becomes God-centered, and your life will evolve around God’s agenda for mankind and evolution. With NEW AGE a person gets connected to the “cosmos” and feel grounded to the earth. Satan is known as the god of the world and air; you are binding to Satan’s false tree of life holistic support system of good and evil i.e. duality (the tree of life and death). When in divine oneness with God, a person becomes grafted-in to God’s WAY OF LIFE, that reflects “good” only (the tree of life). When in divine oneness with God per Jesus, you see God in all things!

Oneness here is with the cosmos (earth, sun, planets, universe, etc.) the “creations” of God. True Oneness is with God the “creator” directly and personally; you soul-spirit-chakras is merged with God’s Persona; laws and prophecy, mind, will, heart, conscious, knowledge, sight (the veil is removed and truth is revealed). Guidance, communications, learning, healing, plus is all with God directly; not with-through other deities or mediums. With God, Jesus is the “medium” i.e. mediator between man and God, earth and heaven; with NEW AGE, many other spirit deities play the role of “middleman”.

God’s omni-presence, everywhere at once; the persona of God is in all things, but that does not mean all things are god(s)—to be worshipped.

New Age techniques: kundalini, yoga, meditation, breathing, humming, chanting, etc., are all designed to “try” and get the same “effect” as you would with God-Jesus…BUT IS WITHOUT GOD!-the creator.

In short, Yoga is a Hindu philosophy which is very similar to most other occult teachings; it supports a fantastical promise of evolution without BEing in “complete” unity with God, where doing and unity is either “without” God or only “partially with” God or “indirectly with” God. (EGO = Edging God Out)

Some of you who claim to be doing yoga as a mere exercise only and not for the unfoldment of it’s full occult effect, your are still going to be effected in a negative way, it will take you further AWAY from God and THE WAY OF GOD. You’ll attract more negative things into your life.


KUNDALINI – the false awakening

Kundalini is a Hindu word for “divine power”. The serpent is its symbol, along with the lotus flower and dragon. Its purpose is to take over the entire body including body systems. The Kundalini serpent sleeps at the base of the spine then moves up to the mid brain Third Eye. The Third Eye chakra is where Satan sits. The Kundalini serpent uses the chakras as way of transportation up and down the spine. Kundalini is a False Prophet with a False Prophecy; the unfoldment of the Kundalini is to force “its” ways and beliefs onto you by replacing your current God-given archetype with “its” own archetype, to hi-jack your Body (way of being, mind-will-emotions).

Chakra is a Hindu name meaning “spinning wheels of energy”; they are centers of awareness and our connection to the spirit realm. It is said that the Hindus were the first people to discover the chakras; however the Holy Bible does document information on the chakras in Isiah 11:2 but not by the term “chakra”.  There are 7 primary chakras to the body.  God made our bodies including the “spinning wheels of energy”. The chakras are part of WHOLENESS and well-being, and can break down like the rest of the body parts. Since the chakras are part of the spirit-body, it is important to have only God re-align them. Learn More on Chakras Here.

God created us in His Image-likeness-nature. The Kundalini serpent is a counterfeit to God and wants dominion over our whole-body. The Kundalini serpent power (Satan) wants nothing more than to get IN people and take over their body with his image-nature-likeness to dethrone God from your temple (body).

Kundalini is the “false holy spirit”. Your spiritual gifts for the servicing the needs of humanity will be of “psychic powers” which are the cloned version spiritual gifts of God’s Holy Spirit. Psychic powers is drawn out of the dark realm (the lower kingdom) which is “absent” of God. In order to retire “eternally” in God’s Kingdom (heaven) God has to be “spiritually” in your works of service to humanity. Based upon God’s Divine Law & Order, using powers from the “lower kingdom” makes you a citizen of the dominion, hence what kingdom you will retire “eternally” in; clearly you are a child of hell. To retire in heaven, you have to be serving out of the Higher Good Kingdom (in wholeness) to claim the birthright of God-Heaven.

God created us in His Image-likeness-nature. The Kundalini serpent is a counterfeit to God and wants dominion over our whole-body. The Kundalini serpent power; Satan, wants nothing more than to get IN people and take over them with his image, likeness, and nature.


Everything that falls under “New Age” is of the lower kingdom; the copy & shadow replica of Christianity.

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