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The MiracleRV Story  (History of Events)

Destiny = the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future; the hidden power believed to control what will happen in the future; fate.

Fate = the development of events beyond a person's control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power; the course of someone's life or the outcome of a particular situation for someone or something, seen as beyond their control; be destined to happen, turn out, or act in a particular way.

Grace = (in Christianity) the free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings. A simple elegance or refinement of movement. A divinely given talent or blessing. 




Fall 2006:  The first 42 years of my life was spent BEing secular. I didn't know anything about God or the ways of God; therefore I lived my life based upon the worldly laws and ways of doing things as secular people do...not knowing any other way to be, do, or live. My secular life was hard; a constant struggle. I was NOT getting what I wanted out of life. Dreams went unfulfilled. I was beginning to sense that there was something "wrong" with the worldly picture of life. The thought of living the rest of my life working to just pay bills with no REAL fulfillment in life taunted me, and I began thinking and said the magical question of "there has got to be a better way to life". And lo and behold, heaven opened up to me letting me know that there was "another" way to do life — by the Way Of God. So I agreed to this "other" way of life unknown to me. I agreed with God to do life His Way, as my way of doing things was not producing the results I wanted in life. (I was an over-ther-road 18-wheeler truck driver at the time.)

After that, I was led to a non-denominational Christian church to do and say the sinner/salvation prayer of repentance and got water baptized there too. I didn't understand it all, the blood of Jesus thing, but I knew I just wanted a better life! So I just trusted. The Christians gave me a Holy Bible, and I went back on the road as a Truck Driver.

After that, I was led to a certain scripture in the Holy Bible.
"If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer". -Matthew 21:22
God was influencing me to give Him the desires of my heart.

Spring 2007: I told God that I wanted a brand new RV paid for in full (free), a successful business, and financial freedom. And God replied back right away saying, "okay, but first WE need to make some changes".

God delivered me to two things: the spirit of Lust and Profanity. I no longer desired sex without marriage and dirty words just all of the sudden stop coming out of my mouth! That go my attention so much so, letting me know that there was something bigger going on here, that I told God "just take my entire life and do something good with it, I trust whatever it is I will enjoy it."

Then my worldly job as a truck driver "spiritually" came to an end. Every time I'd be out of the truck and had to get back in, there was this opposing force between me and the truck, I knew God was answering but I feared financially and kept getting back in the truck...going back to work. Well since "the force" didn't stop me, God scrambled my way of thinking that I could no longer perform my job. When I got back to my home-town terOldRVminal (Salt Lake City, Utah) I turned in the truck and hopped in my little old 1978 Dodge 25' RV I had at the time, living out of it. God removed me from the world (worldly ways) and home-schooled me, and gave me a new line of work selling healthy products online, which I didn't know the Higher Good plan behind that until many years later. My journey with God began.

A few months after that, God gave me a pre-ordained destiny, the words just came out of my mouth: "To walk the truth, live the truth, be an example of truth and to show the world that God does indeed exists, for all to see His Grace and through the power of Jesus Christ all is possible. To create new believers and awake sleeping Christians." Romans 8:30  |  Romans 8:29  |  Ephesians 1:5

I didn't even know what "awake sleeping Christians" meant at that time. Throughout my journey with God, the Holy Spirit would prompt me what to say—the things that God wanted to do in my life. I was also prompted to say, "I want to be wealthy but give all my money back to God".

2008: A year of transformation (sanctification) with God went by when God told me, "you are going to get the RV asked for but I want you to use it to bring people to Me." That was God asking me to be His Disciple and was the birth of the MiracleRV concept [conception/in the womb stage]. I no longer got the whole world of "sure—I'll do that for you, I don't have a problem with that" out of my mouth when *BAMM* there was a sudden paradigm shift within my inner BEing. It was that very moment when God grafted me IN YOKE with Jesus (the Vine Of Christ) - where two become one. I all of the sudden took on the Eyes-Mind-Will of God; the very core of my BEing became God-Centered. This is where you truly become "reborn/born again". After  =THE SHIFT=  God told me I had to stop doing things my way and to now follow Jesus, and that my "things" NOW come from HIM (the Kingdom Of God-Heaven). I am an apprentice under the direct authority of Jesus Christ, reigning with Jesus on earth to fulfill the actual Will Of The Heavenly Father. Ephesians 1:11  |  Ephesians 4:13

I was not aiming for Divinity because I didn't even know something like this existed
~ I was totally clueless to what God or Life was really all about ~

God took my original life plans that was lower in nature and self-centered, and purified it, and consecrated it, per "transcendence" of transform+ascend making it God-Jesus-centered with a Higher Good Divine Purpose & Intention - God assigned His "actual" will to it, for it all to reverse "certain assigned" negative factors in the world and to exalt God-Jesus in the world, to help God-Jesus succeed over the enemy in the world - AS GOD SEES FIT. "In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps." Proverbs 16:9

When God speaks words over your life, a divine seed has been planted, and your life will then just keep unfolding that direction automatically, naturally, spiritually, effortlessly, by the will-power of God making it grow until it reaches full bloom...Seed, Time, & Harvest. Your job is to keep your soil (BEing) tilled for the seed to grow and manifest. Just like any other "WILL" — an inheritance will is a written agreement by one person to another, when the person dies that wrote the will, then the other person will be able to claim their inheritance; except with God's Will we are the ones that need to die! to the ways of the world and the carnal ungodly nature to be able to claim what God wants to give us and do onto us. God's Holy Spirit would prompt me what to ask for, the things God had in store for me and my life, because you have to ask in order to receive. God told me in advance what my inheritance was "MiracleRV" but I had to be transformed to Higher Good before I could receive it.  Mark 4:27-28  | Parable of the Sower, Mark 4:1-20

God continues to teach me many, many things for my spiritual growth.
God is restoring my BEing back to His Divine Archetype, as a Temple Of God.

God gave me a calling of Teacher along with what I am to teach upon: (1) Teach sickness is a result of a wounded spirit, emotional baggage, and sin i.e. transgression to the ways of God (2) To teach people how to evolve IN GOD.   1 Corinthians 12:7-11

2009: Then the following year God revealed to me that Religion and New Age are both false systems, that the truth is in the middle, and that is another reason why I am getting the RV...to reveal that Truth to the world. God revealed to me that Religion(s) and New Age Enlightenment are BOTH false systems. And I am to bring both ends (church religion & new age enlightenment) in to the middle where truth-God is at.

Religion is the carnal-humanist version of TRUTH and New Age is the false spiritual version of TRUTH. In other words, both are a "God Knock-off" from the actual real thing to keep people MISSING THE MARK.

God pre-destined me with "to be an example of truth" so that I can restore God's Holy Truth by being a living walking breathing example of it—as God seen the humanitarian need for this on earth in today's times. I am not perfect in any shape or way (a remnant chosen by God) to do a job for God, like Moses.

2010: At this point I had 3 websites: IsoHealthy (products), MiracleRV, Bonnie Breniser (for teaching)

God had me combine all three websites together as ONE; interweaving them altogether. And it was revealed to me of why I am selling these particular healthy products: they eliminate the top leading "negative factors" in healthcare for people and pets. They are "humanitarian" cause-related products.

And so then, God gave me a Higher Good "humanitarian" way to earn an income that reflects His Divine Image and is of His Kingdom...this is my God-given human-being missionary life work. I had always wanted to be self-employed (which God transformed to God-employed) and work from home - I am now living that dream.

The ministry is my God-given outlet for which my time-money-energy(efforts) is to pour into to spare me from the sin of self-indulgence. All my time-money-energy(efforts) goes to God, but my needs-wants-desires are satisfied in the process of serving God, and what I do for God brings me great joy...its so much fun that I don't want to stop doing it.

God "inter-wove" the MiracleRV into my IsoHealthy Ministry Business as a traffic lead generation tool to lead people to "our" website to lead people to God-Jesus and the teachings of God-Jesus.  This is also an attribute of God/Divinity; being whole but yet the whole is a part of something larger. God specifically told me to keep all unified as ONE...as this unified oneness reflects His Divine Image (God is all about Synergy).


Jesus Christ
as the main


In other words, the MiracleRV Ministry is the sum of (sits on) the IsoHealthy Ministry like icing on the cake (cake is not cake without the icing, cake is incomplete without the icing, we all know the icing is the best part of the cake—SWEET). The MiracleRV is my graduation reward from years of learning in "God's School Of Life" that becomes my New Divine Missionary Life Work Endeavor (with God).

Cornerstone is defined as: to mark the occasion of a building being erected; an important quality or feature on which a particular thing depends or is based. Capstone is defined as: figurative a concluding achievement.

God revealed to me that, any prosperity that was not built upon the foundation of Jesus Christ spiritually they will "end up" amongst the poor and the starving. How are you building your "eternal" retirement?

The IsoHealthy Ministry Business was the building-blocks and the foundation that supports the MiracleRV. God thought of everything, and orchestrated it all for me...I'm just going with  =THE FLOW=  as in, Let Go & Let God. I learn a lot about God just by watching Him change my life. -That's how I learn the bible scripture too; by watching scripture unfold within me.

"Delight in the LORD and He will give you the desires of your heart." -Psalm 37:4

“What is impossible with men is possible with God.” -Luke 18:27

God transformed my heart desire of RV into the IsoHealthy Ministry Business to serve Him and exalt Him. By the grace and mercy of God my entire life transformed.

We have Divine Tasks to do for God according to His Will. God took my heart desire of RV and "inter-wove" His Will, Divine Image, in to it turning all into a "ministry of Christ". God also took my previous online business IsoHealthy where I was marketing wellness products for people and pets, and "inter-wove" His Will and Divine Image (components of church) in that too; transforming me and my business to fulfill HIS Humanitarian Needs on earth; as He sees fit. IsoHealthy Naturally is now IsoHealthy Naturally & Spiritually - a total transformation wellness life center and divinity school of God-Jesus seminary.

Me, my business, my heart's desires, ideas and plans, skills and talents, my entire BEing, living, and doing has been infused with God-Jesus, was made God-Jesus-Centered, IN DIVINITY (divine oneness), for the whole world to see His Grace. I get what I want in my life time while on Earth, and God is also getting what He wants out of my life time while I'm on Earth, and it makes a contribution so that others will also benefit from what God-Jesus is doing in-through-out-with me. God created us for this purpose!-To reflect His Divine Image and to do life WITH God under the reign of Jesus Christ (Jesus Christ as our world leader).

On July 4, 2013, while creating the webpage "opportunity" I came to realization that God had established His church within IsoHealthy, as in Hebrews 8 "the true tabernacle is set-up by the Lord". Near everything that a physical building church offers, IsoHealthy now offers and MORE. IsoHealthy.org now offers Humanitarian "Works Of Service" to others that is of God's doings; authorized by God-Jesus which is one of the stepping stones UP to eternal heaven with God.

"Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life, which
Jesus will give you. For on him God the Father has placed his seal of approval.” -John 6:27

As in the New Testament, the Spirit Of Jesus is NOW the true church of God; when grafted-in to the Vine Of Christ, you become a church (a church branch).  "By calling this covenant 'new,' he has made the first one obsolete; and what is obsolete and aging will soon disappear." -Hebrews 8:13.  Too many churches in today's times are made up of physical building blocks ONLY built upon human efforts alone. It is of that fake mirror "cloned" reflection off of the "actual" image but without the actual building block of the SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST as the cornerstone...an empty shell without the filling...as Hebrews 8 explains it, it is mere just a "copy & shadow" of the actual.  It will be "about" Jesus but not actually OF Jesus.

I had no idea submitting to God would produce such profound effect!

I once read a story of a pastor asking God for an airplane so that he could go in remote areas of the world to teach the gospel and eight years later he received it. When he finally got the airplane, he said to God, "why did it take you 8 years to give me the plane"? And God replied, "it took me eight years to change your mind-set for the plane".

"You see that his faith and his action were working together,
and his faith was made complete by what he did." -James 2:22

"When you have done the will of God, you will receive what He has promised." -Hebrews 10:36

End of August 2014: God revealed to me how isohealthy.org (my co-op business with God) can offer salvation, free the oppress, by a Mass. God showed me how IsoHealthy as a WHOLE can free the oppress in several different areas but particularly in the USA. [To the normal person this would seem a bit crazy; it will take people with an open mind to accept this God-given 'unorthodox' plan.]  Then the following weekend, two old tyme girlfriends in PA (where I was born and raised) all of the sudden decided look me up on the internet to find me as it has been 15 years apart and one of those girlfriends just so happened to be working for and with a billionaire who also was a dealer of ForeTravel RVs and she told me of an upcoming RV show (two weeks away) where I could meet him in person.

Note: I originally in the beginning picked out the Itasca Sunova RV as to what I liked and wanted "for myself"; it was about 29' in length (little), a gasoline model (which has a shorter lifespan than diesel), and costed about $90 k. To me that was extravagant! But God wanted me to have another RV that would also fulfill His heart's desires! So I then agreed to God's Will over what I wanted for my life. I personally don't need much to be happy. My little old 1978 Dodge RV for $5,000 made me very extremely happy even though not everything worked on it, and it was ugly on the outside...it brought me so much joy. God had chose the Miracle RV product to be ForeTravel (ForeTravel RV's are a million dollar coach!) Keep in Mind: There is a difference between "prestige" and "lavish". There is a Dark and Light Side to Prosperity-Fame-Fortune!

"And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that always having all sufficiency
in everything; you may have an abundance for every good deed..." -2 Corinthians 9:8

Early September 2014: I flew from Utah to Pennsylvania and she introduced me to this "billionaire" at the PA RV Show. My time had come for me to receive the "MIRACLE RV" and everything was perfectly aligned for me to receive the MiracleRV but there were some turbulences. Although I gave this billionaire a business-ministry proposal, and told him God's purpose and intention for the RV and all the events that led up to the point of meeting with him that clearly revealed "he is the one to fulfill this prophecy" and be a "destiny helper sponsor"  ... it STILL has to be coming from his FREE WILL desire to do so! God wants a cheerful giver. This billionaire was about to give a million dollars to a 501c3 church to get a tax write-off and God wanted him to give that money to me towards the ForeTravel Million $ RV because 501c3 churches are not of God's Kingdom. [This is the Great Deception in Churches]

God sent me to this wealthy man using a common factor of "a girlfriend" to whom was a physical common denominator (mediator) that joined me and the wealthy man to come together in person.

The thing is, this God-chosen MiracleRV sponsor did not see it as his opportunity to be SAVED...and this was his opportunity to get right with God and exalt the Kingdom Of God per being a MiracleRV sponsor. It was not "all" about what I was suppose to receive out of the deal (for me and God) but what he was also to gain out of it too. This God-chosen sponsor had a "humanist" viewpoint of God-Jesus. To be carnal-minded is enmity/enemy towards God and His Mission on earth.

If God puts me in your life with purpose, you should be very concerned! But he took me showing up in his life "all too lightly" as in "foolish" (things of the spirit will seem foolish to people not of the Spirit) and "too bizarre to be true". This man was 70, had several successful businesses, and was a man of faith who believed in Jesus ... to him, all was okay, and thought of himself living a godly lifestyle. Yet he was working against God-Jesus sowing his money in something that demoted and went against God-Jesus.

"You blind fools! Which is greater: the gold, or the temple that makes the gold sacred? You also say, ‘If anyone swears by the altar, it means nothing; but anyone who swears by the gift on the altar is bound by that oath.’ You blind men! Which is greater: the gift, or the altar that makes the gift sacred?" -Matthew 23:17-19

altar = in Christianity, a table or flat-topped block used as the focus for a ritual, esp. for making sacrifices or offerings to God

sacrifice = an act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy; give up (something important or valued) for the sake of other considerations

sacred = connected with God; dedicated to a higher purpose

salvation = the transcendence from death to life

transcend = leave, go beyond, rise above, surpass, exceed, beat, outdo, outshine, top

In General, Priests get the best of everything. In biblical times, they got the shoulder and the breast of the meat offering (Lev. 10:15).

There is a dark and light side to Kingdom Prosperity! You have to be made CLEAN & PURE by God-Jesus or else it will come out perverted versus Holy. The perverted way is gross in nature. The MiracleRV Story, is to show people God's True Holy Way of it, as to be an example of Truth - this is my Life Purpose! It has to be done unto you by the Grace Of God and not by 'self-works'.

My heart desire of wanting an RV has been transcended (transformed+ascended) by God-Jesus, meaning "it has positive strings attached to it" ... it is NOT for me and me only! God attached His "actual" will to it, for it to be used for Higher Good Deeds. The RV has been given as an offering to God, has been given up to achieve a grandeur purpose in life for the sake of God's Will to be fulfilled for humanity, and has been dedicated to a "actual" mission of God-Jesus, and the RV is connected to God-Jesus. For me to not get my "human" heart's desire met having the RV, God is also not getting His heart's desires fulfilled on the spiritual level of being, that in turn also hinders others. If someone came to me and said I'll pay (sponsor) any RV you want but don't do God's will with it - I will not take the RV! Having the RV alone would be a curse to me. Me and God and the RV are all ONE; inseparable.

It is not to merely have "extravagant things" and say it is "for God" to justify in having it. God has to be the one who justifies all our "stuff".

In the Old Testament of the Holy Bible, the "fixings" in the temple of God was made of pure gold - would you label that as "lavishing living" to God Almighty? That God is a God of lavishing lifestyle? -NO!  BUT,,, if God uses such things as lavishing it is for HIS Higher Good Divine Purpose & Intention per His ordained "actual will" decision orchestrated by His Grace (the movement of God). It is not for people to have lavishing things and merely say it is 'For God'!!!!! -creating your own terms of "justification". The "legal orders" to do so has to come from God-Jesus-Heaven directly with it's instructions on HOW God wants the legal order to be carried out (according to His Plan) under the authority of Jesus Christ. With God (holiness) its "prestige" not "lavish". God likes the best of the best as in "admirable".

God changed me in such a way to show people up - UP to the Higher Good way! by being an Example of Truth ~ by GRACE. As people are not doing things right according to The HOLY Way Of God-Jesus-Heaven. Mankind (the enemy), seeing what God does try and do that same thing on their own as to duplicate the "model" of God-Divinity into their own lives, but until mankind becomes in a divine oneness "covenant" relationship with God-Jesus-Heaven and made clean-and-holy, all that mankind does will be "gross" (distorted, defiled, deformed; unattractively large or bloated). How they are doing it "church" (Kingdom Prosperity) is by works (humanism) and not by the GRACE of God doing it onto them. "There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death (Proverbs 14:12)".


Not having the MiracleRV when I was suppose to has been a real hindrance in God's Master Plan for world wide evolution that I am to carry-out as "doing my part" ... this hindrance is like the blood-clot in the Body Of Christ that creates stagnant and blocks the flow of God for what He wants to do in the world. God has a hard time in accomplishing all that He wants to do due to people's lack of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding as scripture says "For to be carnally minded is death...Because the carnal mind is enmity against God, for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be" (Romans 8:6-7). Meanwhile I am still going to do what God wants me to do and stay on the path He established for me, His Divine Master Plan for my life.

"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." -Ephesians 6:12

Note:  A divine plan is just that "a plan" that is subject to change/be altered, works upon momentum, with no exact "due date" of when it is going to happen because it is based upon your participation, how well you go with the flow of God's grace, how much deliverance and sanctification (transformation) is needed to get you from Point A to Point B, and is based on other factors too. This type of prophecy unfolds per evolution, in an orderly fashion, upon certain things happening in a sequential order. Sometimes the things God wants to do in a person's life, given by a revelation (prophetic insight), doesn't come to fulfillment before the person dies, sometimes Satan hinders it's growth or puts stumbling blocks in your path that slows-down its progress or prevents it from ever happening (Satan is all about getting in the way of God's Plans), but that does not make the person a false prophet nor it a false prophecy just because it did not happen "yet". Some people give up and quit, or walk away from it for a while then come back to it giving it energy once more. If you do your part, God will do His, and sometimes the devil will do his part too! But the thing is folks, is to just do it and see how far you can get with it ... its the journey that really counts, within the journey is a "wealth of knowledge" and spiritual growth. So regardless, you are not a failure if it happens or doesn't . . . it is not an ego-driven thing. There is great God-potential in everyone waiting to be unleashed...this is where funding needs to go to! so God-person can thrive in the world. It's not right for this God-potential to go to waste, not be realized.


October 2016: Not getting the MiracleRV when I was suppose to has slowed God down to what He wanted to accomplish in the world, so then, God gave me the "bright idea" of MiracleCRV.com to which I can do meanwhile...but I am not selling myself short, the MiracleRV is still a must! to do bigger things for God, to make bigger changes in the world revealed to me. The MiracleCRV is mere a "model" to give people as an idea to God's plan for my life (and to know GOD, God-dynamics).


"God is not unjust; He will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped His people and continue to help them. We want each of you to show this same diligence to the very end, so that what you hope for may be fully realized. " - Hebrews 6:10

The MiracleCRV is mere a ‘mock’ model to at least demonstrate the true Way Of God “as it should be” and per seeking a RV motorhome provider. God did manage to get me a Honda CRV to keep me in-sync with His original plan for my life (somewhat) as many years of preparation went into it.

Me and the Miracle RVPlease Note That... ForeTravel no longer makes their RV's with gas/propane, they are now "all electric" geared towards merely living in an RV Park hooked-up to power and "retired lifestyle". I will be "on the move" for God and don't want to run the generator all the time to do things. I need an extravagant RV with gas/propane (for stove, oven, heat, and refrigerator, etc.) and solar panels (some solar) for "off-grid" living; preferably custom built for "suitability".

2017: Currently, I am in the midst of what kind of RV (now). I made some suggestions below to what I like "personally" but it also has to suit God and His Plan for me.

Personally, this 25' Luxury Van (petite RV)  is good enough for me meeting my needs and still do God's Will "somewhat". It's the smallest fully equipped RV yet comfortable without feeling too crowded. With this petite RV I can get into small places.

Base Price ~ $140,000 USD

Payment can be made directly to the Manufacturer. Learn More at >>  https://leisurevans.com/serenity 


2017 Allegro Breeze by Tiffin is a "normal" size RV; small in length (31') yet having all the amenities for comfortable living, meeting my needs and still do God's Will "fully"; able to get into small cities. I can get noticed more in this one over the "petite" one.

Base Price: $250,000 USD

Payment can be made directly to the Manufacturer. Learn More at >>  https://www.tiffinmotorhomes.com/content/allegro-breeze-2017

Although the two RV's (above) are nice and suitable, it may be better to have an RV with "stout".  

... OR ...

The Renegade RV can be fully customized, built-to-suit, and is a Certified "Green RV" made with less toxins and can operate on solar.  It runs on a diesel motor that can easily handle a a lot of miles to last the rest of my earthly years of ministry. It's the "next best thing" to the ForeTravel RV. Even if I got it in a 32' length, it still holds more "stout".

Payment for the RV can be made directly to the manufacturer, the money does not have to touch my hands >> RenegadeRV.com.  Cost varies according to size and customization [$500-$700 thousand USD].

God is serious about this World-wide Evolution; especially the 501c3 Church part...People need to ..STOP FEEDING THE BEAST! .

Things I desire for an RV:

  • propane stove and oven (no microwave!)
  • refrigerator/freezer unit (not freezer inside refrig) that runs off of electric, solar, or propane
  • solar (some solar) for off-grid energy efficient living
  • generator
  • self-contained for dry camping - fresh water, gray water, black water/sewer, tanks
  • no carpet if possible (little to none)


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God's Plan for the
MiracleRV Ministry

The MiracleRV plays a major role in our Christian Ministry Services in teaching divinity by example.

The MiracleRV is a "God Movement" product to revive God in the world and into people's lives.

The MiracleRV is a "evangelist" tool leading people to Jesus.

The Miracle Ministry is to get people thinking about where they are at on the Scale Of Life and their Spiritual Growth Evolution for "eternal" retirement.

The MiracleRV is to lead people out of bondage by a mass! - to free the oppress by a mass, to Lead people to Jesus by a mass. The MiracleRV will lead people to cross sides, over into God's Kingdom on earth by a mass.

The MiracleRV is to be used as a traffic generation tool to fulfill our ministry needs and the needs of "certain" others too who need to change-out their foundation of duality to a foundation of wholeness; getting them up to par with Heaven's Standards.

The Miracle RV is targeted to show many certain groups of people (all-in-one) UP to a Higher Good way of doing what they are already doing by being an Example of that way, because the best way to understand and see God's Upper-Class Way Of Life from the lower-class cloned worldly version way of life (the slight variation between the two) is to "show-and-tell" by being a living example of it. There is much (many lessons) to be learned through the Miracle RV in junction with IsoHealthy Ministries.

The Miracle RV is to eliminating certain negative factors in the world on a large scale, in many different ways, all-in-one!

The MiracleRV is to be the home/office of our online Christian Ministry Services; and our transportation place-to-place as we go different places to teach and do business.