Simple Tips For Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Below are some basic guidelines to help you get started in the right direction towards a healthier you!

There is a ‘set’ divine law and order established for health that works equally for everyone without favor, and it goes like this: only put things in the body that is compatible to and designed for the body WITH avoiding/eliminating things that are foreign to and works against the body; it is that simple. Things from nature in the purest form is MOST compatible to the body (is of our true nature), chemicals are totally alien to the body just like trying to put milk in the gas tank of your car and juice in the antifreeze tank of the car, and expect everything to run smoothly (both milk and juice are alien to a car). Surprisingly, many “human” bath-and-body products contain anti-freeze; anti-freeze that is suppose to be for your motor vehicle! As food is not compatible to a motor vehicle, chemicals (dead substances) are not compatible to our Living body.

There are many products (and services) on the market that are NOT FIT for human-beings or pets…even chemical-based products with negative side effects are FDA approved! There are a lot of people who just want to get rich in the marketplace using you in the process, they really don’t care about you as a consumer and use trick marketing to get your money. So it is time to Get Educated, take ACTION, and say NO to the chemical industry and start loving yourself to LIFE & Health :)


Start with cleansing the body from inside out. Minor to sever skin conditions can result from a toxic body.

Then …


And, avoid “unnecessary” added ingredients in products as much as possible.



Produce: It is best to eat organic produce. Traditional farming uses an outrageous amount of chemicals.

Meat/Dairy: It is best to eat organic (grass-fed) meat as first choice where the animal is free-roaming in green pastures versus animals all cooped-up indoors walking/laying in their waste or live in small pens and cages. With traditional meat productions, there are a lot of chemicals used to keep the animal alive up to slaughter time, the feed is low quality and/or chemically treated, and sometimes chemicals are used to “enhance” growth plus. First choice select “organic”, second choice select “all natural”.

A healthy food plan for health, life, and longevity is one of non-GMO origin (look for the non-GMO seal on the package) and mostly organic consisting of fruits and vegetables, beans, rice, legumes, sprouts, herbs, gluten-free whole grains, raw or sprouted nuts and seeds; and grass-fed, pesticide-free, hormone-free and antibiotic-free meat, eggs and dairy (in moderation).

Look for the “USDA ORGANIC” certified seal on front of the package to ensure it is truly organic. Some manufactures use the word “organic” in with the branding name of the product to trick consumers into thinking the product is organic!

While the term “Organic” may seem better, lesser chemicals in the process, USDA Organic Certification does permit the use of chemicals! – chemicals that are still toxic. Alcohol is considered “organic” as well as many other synthetic chemicals. Organic Certification offer “minimum” standards; like the land being farmed on must be free of chemicals only three years; certain toxins can persist in the land longer than that. Certified Organic laws are getting weaker and weaker adding more and more synthetic chemicals to the list – they are still part of the “duality” help+harm system, known as the gray zone, but a lighter shade of gray!

Traditional farming serves the “initial” problem of we need food to live; however we need “healthy” food to live in wellness. Eat for wellness!!!!




Eat plenty of dark green vegetables raw or slightly cooked; HOWEVER ….

The soil in which produce is grown in, in today’s times, is depleted of vital nutrients [see Senate Document #264]. If the soil is depleted of vital nutrients so will the crop be depleted of vital nutrients … in order to get the daily requirement of vital nutrients from food, a person would have to eat an unreasonable amount of fruits and vegetables daily, plus. Therefore nutritional supplementation is necessary, at least get started with “high quality” vitamin and mineral supplement.

Avoid consuming a lot of dairy products as it creates mucus build-up in the body. A healthy alternative to cow’s milk is organic Almond Milk or organic Rice Milk (as higher good over Soy milk).

Avoid fast foods, junk foods, fried foods, trans-fatty acids (like hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats) and nutritionally depleted foods. Invest your money into foods that produce wellness.

Change how you snack to healthy solutions – do you really need to snack?! Don’t live to eat but eat to live.

Ghee butter is a higher good choice over ordinary butter and margarine.

Water – “steam” distilled water is a healthy choice for drinking and cooking, it pulls toxins out of the cells. Some people will say distilled water has little to no minerals in it, which is true however, drinking water is NOT the proper way to supply the body with minerals! No water contains ALL minerals the body needs on a daily basis. Avoid drinking tap-faucet or fountain water, they are chemically treated, many people who got kidney stones reported they drank tap-faucet water. Regarding “mineral water” products (high-priced water) … what is the use of spending that extra dollar on a product that is not going to supply your body ALL the minerals it needs! It makes more sense to me to put that extra money into a “complete mineral” product.

Avoid beverages like: artificially colored drinks, sugary drinks, soda, coffee, tea (iced tea). Herbal teas are okay, instead of being green leafy tea, herbal tea is made purely out of herbs like ginger, chamomile, turmeric, lemon, etc.

It is best not to eat more than you have earned in exercise.


 Healthy Eating & Fasting Books 




Food Ingredients

As first choice, it is best to eat “fresh” foods in the raw or cooked that contain no “additive” ingredients (wholesome foods straight from nature), and prepare foods from scratch (raw ingredients) then combining ingredients yourself versus buying them already combined. When you buy food products with ingredients already combined, in some cases, additional ingredients are added to keep the combined ingredients “stable”. When it comes to “packaged” food products, avoid synthetic artificial ingredients like, artificial coloring and flavoring, preservatives, etc.

Avoid products with “sugar” as an ingredient unless of course it is dessert foods; meaning that, pasta sauce does not need to have sugar!, crackers do not need to contain sugar. Avoid white refined sugar and sugar “substitutes” especially aspartame. A healthy alternative to white refined sugar and sugar substitutes is organic Agave, Stevia, Honey, or organic Coconut Sugar (for brown sugar).

Avoid “bleached” flour. A healthy alternative is organic whole grain unbleached flours.

When reading food ingredient labels and you see the term “spices” and/or “natural flavoring” as one of the ingredients – this is where manufactures can hide junk ingredients (it is trick marketing).

100% Real Juice is a higher good choice over “juice drinks”; juice drinks contain more and unnecessary (and sometimes unhealthy) ingredients.

Get “Non-GMO” foods; look for the non-GMO seal on front of the package, especially when it comes to corn. GMO is Genetically Modified Organism meaning artificial laboratory processed “controlled” farming, in short. Ungodly men are tampering with the Divine Natural Law & Order of farming (producing food) making a “food substance” that is “untrue” and foreign to the human body, as to play god. It is all designed to LOWER the quality of life.

Just because the package contains the “Certified Organic Seal”, it can still have harmful added ingredients, always read the ingredient label.


Food Preparation

Avoid using microwave ovens altogether! -they alter the molecule structure of the food rendering it to “unhealthy”; it is said that microwaving vegetables destroys 97% of their antioxidants and active nutrients. In addition, microwave ovens through off bad (unhealthy) frequencies! Avoid deep-frying foods; if pan-frying then use a healthy non-stick pan with using only about 1 Tablespoon of olive oil (Olive Oil is a healthy alternative to corn oils). When cooking vegetables don’t over cook to “mushy”, vegetables should be slightly crispy. Steam cooking foods is a healthy choice; baking and stove-top cooking is okay. Rice Cooker with Vegetable Steamer saves time!



A long brisk walk “at least” three times a week (daily is better) with breathing deeply and swinging arms, is important towards good health as minimal low impact exercise. Running, jogging, and playing sports are other good forms of exercising. YOGA WARNING!!!!! YOGA can cause negative side effects. YOGA is rooted in Hindu-spirituality; it is a hindu spiritual practice to bind with other spirit deities (not of God) on the soul level of being (mind-will-emotions) … Yoga is a hindu word meaning “One With”   “Union”   “Unity”.  Learn more here >> Yoga Awareness


Electromagnetic Pollution

Creating a healthy environment in the home and office by removing electromagnetic pollution. Like getting rid of the microwave oven! And changing out the light bulbs in your home/office, and eliminating or cutting back on these harmful electromagnetic devices.

The most common electrosmog devices are as follows:

Power Lines (living too close or under high voltage power lines), Electric Blankets (electric heating pads), Electric (Alarm) Clocks, Hair Dryers, Water Beds, Refrigerators (and other electrical household appliance – keep a distance from them), Televisions (especially plasma screen – LED is better), Computers, Fluorescent Lights, Microwave Ovens, Cell Phones, Cell Phone Towers, Cordless Phones, Cellular Phone Towers, Electric Smart Meters, Wireless networks, Bluetooth, Cordless Baby Alarms.

You can turn off the Wi-Fi signals and just use the ethernet to directly plug into your computer. With Baby Monitors, they have a microwave beacon signal that ALWAYS STAYS ON! – this means the mother and baby are constantly receiving microwave radiation because the beacon signal is always transmitting. If you really need to use a baby monitor get a corded one or a voice activated one. Replace fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs with incandescent (full spectrum, if possible).

Blood cells has the tendency to “clump together” from “dirty” sources of electricity/electrosmog and cannot bind to oxygen as good.


Making these few little changes can make a HUGE impact towards health transformation – you’ll be surprised.

The way of the world is “cheap” … cheap products and cheap food all to mere save a buck (have more money), but the cost of being sick is a high price to pay as an result; your health (life savings) is far more valuable than “cost savings”. Yes it can cost more to live a healthy lifestyle. Organic/Natural food & products generally cost more than chemical-based products; therefore you may need to alter your current lifestyle to perhaps downsizing, cutting-out/cutting-back unnecessary spending, or increase your income with ease and grace, hassle-free. Keep in mind when it comes to “cheap”, cheap = “the love of money over the love of yourself(over the love of people-pets-planet” i.e. God’s Creations overall). I don’t mind spending less for another brand IF it still has the same high quality. Financial Freedom, living in prosperity, enables you to live a higher quality lifestyle. See … Humanitarian Income Opportunity(s)


Advanced Steps Towards Health

Sometimes the natural approach to wellness is not enough and additional steps are needed to fulfill your health goals. The spirit and soul (mind-will-emotions) also need to be “detoxified” of negative factors to experience health in wholeness for Total Life Transformation.

The Feelings Buried Alive Never Die book is an excellent choice for reversing sickness and disease on the emotional level; it list which negative emotion is the root cause of specific diseases and so forth…Change How You Think & Feel to Change Your Health! To skeptic Christians, this is all biblical! Many of you Christians are not being trained properly in your churches due to the 501c3 Status that “controls” what church leaders can and cannot say, and you thereby need trained UP to the “whole truth”.

Further cleaning your home of negative factors…

Not to put other cultures down but some are tied to (rooted in) “unclean spirits”; therefore you will want to rid your home of their pictures, nic-nacs, artifacts, and so forth. Even jewelry sold in “American” stores that are made by natives or white people involved in “ungodly practices” … like in this one store, they have very nice clothing and jewelry BUT some of their jewelry, their dangling charms, were of witchcraft emblems (symbolic representation of witchcraft origin); to an ordinary person it’s just a “nice design” but certain “designs” represent certain other things! BE AWARE!!!!

You will want to also go through things in the attic or basement that you are holding onto that came from your dead parents, and their dead parents, and so forth. Some of those “generational handed down things” could be “ungodly” and/or have unclean spiritual ties to them. Like I once read a story of a lady who had constant neck pains that even prayer could not heal, but it was revealed to her that in her attic was a doll with a pin stuck in the neck that was causing her own neck pain! (witchcraft/voodoo).

So be consciously awaken to a broader view of potential threats.

God reveled to me that sickness (disease) is a result of a wounded spirit, emotional baggage, and sin (not being in alignment to the ways of God).

If you really want to go deeper, we offer Free Teachings on “Divinity” (the way of God). People really need a strong connection to God to “truly” know what isn’t safe in these days and times!

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