Soaring Like Eagles

Renewing Your Strength As Eagles

written by Bill Basansky


“But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” – Isaiah 40:31 (KJV)

Everyone must realize the importance of being spiritually strong. In this day and time the enemy is all around trying to sap us of our spiritual strength. If you don’t know that someone can take the spiritual strength out of you, you could be in trouble and not even know it. You could be reading the Word and not understand why you are not growing spiritually. Spiritual men must be strong, we are not fighting flesh and blood, we are fighting spiritual forces. To fight spiritual forces, we must have spiritual weapons, Jesus must be our example, and when we look to Jesus, we can never fail, because Jesus never fails.

Your tongue has the ability to give you life or death; to give prosperity or poverty. You have power within you but it depends on which power you plug in. According to Romans 13:1-2, every soul is subject to higher power. God wants us to flow in higher power.

There are two kinds of believers. The first kind feed on life, and life is the source of their food. The other kind of Christian chooses death and those believers chew on things of the PAST. Remember, the Bible says that old things are passed away, yet, some people live on the past and feed on old dead carcasses. Those who choose life find the Word, eat on the Word of God and it is sweetness and rejoicing to their soul (Jer. 15:15-17).

Luke points out how important that it is for us to feed on life. Luke 17:37 says, “…Wheresoever the body is, thither will the eagles be gathered together”. Christ is the head and we are the body. A body is something that is a living organism with cells. Cells make up the body and cause the body to be alive, as a living healthy organism. However, Matthew 24:28 says this a little differently, “For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together”. There is a difference between the carcase and the body. A carcass is something that is dead, it is decaying and stinks. The body of Christ feeds on the positive Word and don’t look at the circumstance, they control the circumstances. Sick animals or a corpse attract buzzards, who devour.

The devil is a thief and a devourer. When you allow your mouth to speak NEGATIVE things, you push a button in the spiritual realm to cause buzzards to circle around you. The devil and demons circle around those that speak the word of death. They are waiting to destroy you, you must be POSITIVE.

There are two kinds of eagles, as well. The bible says, eagle Christians either feed on the good or bad Word. He gives power to the faint and to them that have no might He gives strength. Isaiah 40:31says, “But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” Aren’t you happy He didn’t say with wings as turkeys or chickens? They are earth bound creatures. They cannot fly in the heavens as eagles do. He will mount you, as with wings of eagles, so you can fly in the heavenlies with Christ Jesus. The bible says that we are lifted with Him and seated with Him provided that you are that kind of eagle. Eagles are considered to be the king of all birds, a symbol of courage and power.

There is a greater eagle and a lesser eagle. The greater eagle is able to soar as high as 10,000 feet in the air and when they fall their speed is approximately 200 miles per hour. The lesser eagle feeds on dead carcases and dead things [dead things of the PAST]. He only lives about six to seven years and the wingspan is only about four feet. The greater eagle has a wingspan of 14 feet and lives up to 120 years. He is able to stay in the air, above the storms, for long periods of time, because he feeds on life not death. When Christians feed on the Word of God they are able to live long and healthy, soaring above the storms of the devil. God has made us to be the head and not the tail. We will be overcommers and not defeated.

An eagle is a beautiful thing. If you place an eagle in a cage, then he is just another dirty bird that you must clean up after. Don’t be bound to a cage, be set free so that you can do things for God. The bible says, loose him and let him go; so you can do something and not just hope that God will do something. Do not get locked up in some denomination where you can’t do, that you’re just another bird sitting in a cage. You were created to be an eagle and soar into the heavenlies on high.

Understand that lesser eagles are satisfied on feeding on dead carcases, dead fish on the shore, dead animals on the road. The greater eagle does not make the compromise. It lives on live organisms, live lambs, rabbits. Indian tribes do not allow anyone to the name of an eagle, unless they belong to a priestly tribe. If an indian belongs to a priestly tribe then he can be called a great eagle.

It does not matter what has bound you, cancer, bursitis, finances, because Jesus came to set you FREE. You can be free right now if you want to come out of the door. Jesus said, I am the door. I am the Way. I am the Truth. Follow Him.

Great eagles grow old. They develop crustation around their beak and their feathers start to break and fall out. Their speed slows and at that moment the great eagle has a choice. He can still maneuver and fly above a storm, but he is not as fast as he used to be.

He has a choice of whether or not to renew his strength. If he decides not to renew his strength, then he goes and feeds of what is left from other birds. You have a choice. You can live off of someone else’s revelation and eat leftovers or you can be a great eagle and renew your strength. You decide whether you want to go on with God or sit and wait for your time to expire. I have eaten leftovers but I like fresh food better. Do you want leftovers or fresh anointing?

The great eagle wants to renew his strength and get fresh food. Of all the wildlife, only the eagle has the capacity to renew his strength. He looks for a cave in the rock, a place of safety. He will fly through mountains, valleys and cliffs to look for a big enough hole. This hole must sustain him. He has the capacity of very acute vision, seeing fifty miles away. When he spots a cave he can see if there’s food there. There must be water close by. Wild bees go into these caves and mill their honey in the top of the cave or rock, they deposit honey. God has ordained that eagles know this; they look for cave in the rock as protection and shelter from all weather and storms, rock is where they hide. When the eagle finds this particular rock then he goes to the rock, (aren’t you happy for our “Rock”?) He sharpens his bill on the sharp rock to get the crustation off. The precision is so sharp he can pick a hair off your head. Once his mouth is cleaned up by the “rock” then he plucks feathers off his body, one at a time. He takes off his OLD garment. You can take off a spirit of heaviness.

Once he plucks all of his feathers off he is bare before the Creator and hiding in the rock. Every scar and all of his torment is exposed to the Creator. This bird is willing to trust the Creator. He goes to the waterfall next to the cave where he is and bathes three times a day, standing for hours under the waterfall. it takes thirty days for new feathers to grow and a new garment grows on this bird. Then he waits for another week for oil sacks under his wings. The oil must go through his feathers to keep water and dust from penetrating his brand new garment. We also, need a fresh anointing of Holy Ghost oil. You need a fresh anointing of oil on your life. You done have to be a dirty bird in a cage.

A great eagle has a nest that he starts from a limb on a tree that is six to eight feet in length. He breaks it off with this beak for a solid foundation to the nest. He finds a place way up in the highest mountain or he will find a tree buried in the rock, in which to build his nest. The foundation must be solid. He makes his nest comfortable lining it with furs like mink or silver fox. The mother eagle lays eggs and as young eaglettes come they feed them. God wants you to build your home on a solid foundation, a rock. Comfort is plucked out of the nest and little eaglettes get pricked and started to learn to fly. Mama eagle picks the eaglette up on her wing and plucks him out of the nest. The little eagle starts to fall and starts learning to fly. As he falls, mama eagle picks the eaglette up on her wing and plucks him out of the nest. The little eagle starts to fall and starts learning to fly. As he falls, Mama eagle catches him on her wing and carries him back to safety. the process is repeated until he learns to fly. Mama eagle is free, because she has freed.

God is speaking to you about becoming a great eagle. The eyes of the Lord are running throughout the whole earth, showing himself strong on the behalf of those that walk uprightly before him. If God sees a sparrow falling to the ground, God cares about you. Jesus didn’t die for the sparrows. He died for you and me. Our heavenly Father feeds the birds of the air. Don’t you have to be willing to get out of your nest. You have to be willing to trust Him.


Are you soaring like an Eagle or waiting for life to expire?!




Added teachings by Prophet Bonnie


Regarding what the author above said….

Once he plucks all of his feathers off he is bare before the Creator and hiding in the rock.

He has a choice of whether or not to renew his strength. If he decides not to renew his strength, then he goes and feeds of what is left from other birds. You have a choice. You can live off of someone else’s revelation and eat leftovers or you can be a great eagle and renew your strength. You decide whether you want to go on with God or sit and wait for your time to expire. I have eaten leftovers but I like fresh food better. Do you want leftovers or fresh anointing?


What exactly does this mean?

…Being plucked, taking off the old coat and put on the new to soar higher and eat fresh food?

I teach from my own personal experience of this. In order to soar higher with God, you have to allow God to take everything away from you! In order to soar higher with God, He has to break down your old life and rebuild your life back up in a NEW way. As your old life, your things, were purchased from money operating out of the black zone or gray zone (below the veil). Then once God exalts you “above the veil” in the white zone of wholeness (Divine Oneness), you begin to operate from a Heavenly stance which is holy ground — the holy of holies; therefore, to enter into the “NOW” heaven kingdom of God, you have to leave behind the old self, and the old life. It was about a year after God merged into Divine Oneness with me, when He took everything away from me except a few basic necessities. Then as I began working for God, doing the work God wanted me to do, I gradually moved back up material-wise; except this time, what I own now came from “clean money” of doing “heavenly” work.

Allowing God to take away all your stuff away, past baggage, and starting all over “fresh” with God, upon submitting your entire life over to God-Jesus, gives you greater Kingdom Power – greater Gifts of the Holy Spirit. I reign under the direct authority of Jesus Christ. I am feeding on fresh live food straight from God per Revelation Knowledge — I am the Church! God is my teacher. God reveals Himself to me and shares with me the Secrets of the Kingdom.

For everyone else, they are feeding and living on the knowledge that is recycled and passed around within the world. I am living and feeding on knowledge that comes directly from God-Heaven (not of this world). Sure the Holy Spirit teaches you things too operating in the gray zone, but since you are operating at a lower level of being, so will the teachings you receive be at a lower level. Even the Leaders who are operating in the gray zone … bible college (theology) is like knowledge from crumbs that fell down from the crack of the heavenly table … Like in a apartment building; third floor is Heaven, the second floor is the gray zone, they are not in the white zone eating at the table of the Lord, they are below in the gray zone picking up what they hear is going on up there, but without being in the same room, what you hear from down below won’t exactly be whole! It will be distorted truth. Because the parts they couldn’t hear clearly or missed altogether, they just fill in the blanks to what they “think” it should be. Like for example: (1) build yourselves temples of God = versus =  (2) build yourself “as” a temple of God – while both are very similar they have a different meaning. So if you misheard the whole sentence (2) then you’d think what your heard was (1).  So then you have a bunch of people out in the world building temples of God (physical buildings – like the Mormons) versus what God really wants you to do and that is to build yourself as a temple of God!!!! So going by (1) is totally off track from God (2)…it takes you a different direction all together. When in Divine Oneness with God, you become the church!!!! -its within you. It’s not here or there.

“…nor will people say, ‘Here it is,’ or ‘There it is,’ because the kingdom of God is within you.” – Luke 17:21

It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom Of God (Mark 10:25) because people are not willing to let go of all the stuff acquired from their earthly life to have a Higher Good life!

So, these half-true teachings are dam[n]ed teachings. What is a dam – it’s a wall (barrier) that blocks flow. So that wall between second and third floor prevents flow to hearing whole truth. Half-truths or partial-truths take you off course from God which leads to damnation! Dammed = Damned.

You can either eat with the vultures the leftovers, the crumbs, that fall down below or you can sit at the Lord’s Table and eat fresh food with Him like an eagle! In the white zone, Divine Oneness with God, there is no barrier! You have very keen eye-sight and hearing and perception.

Jesus as the mediator versus bible school as mediator:

“They serve at a sanctuary that is a copy and shadow of what is in heaven. This is why Moses was warned when he was about to build the tabernacle: “See to it that you make everything according to the pattern shown you on the mountain.” But in fact the ministry Jesus has received is as superior to theirs as the covenant of which he is mediator is superior to the old one, since the new covenant is established on better promises.” -Hebrews 5-6

And believe me, it is a bit embarrassing when God takes everything away from you … other “so called” Christians looked at me as if I was on the wrong side of the line, they looked at me in disgrace; when in reality, they where the ones in disgrace. I knew what was going on between me and God, I kept my head up, I knew it was a phase of Spiritual Growth Evolution that I was experiencing – they could not understand.

 So my dear friend, what will it be for you? Leftovers or Fresh Food

In order to Grow Spiritually, to evolve above the gray zone, you have to unlearn what you’ve learned in the past of handed-down knowledge from worldly teachers in the gray zone, teachings of theology (study of God of what they “think” it means – “theory” of God) and eat living food “OF” God to knowing what scripture “actually” means.Three Levels Of Man

A person in Divine Oneness with God, a prophet of God, knows the true meaning of scripture. Anointed by God pastors and preachers can also have “whole truth” but have a different style for teaching what scripture means from a prophetic divinity life coach stance like myself. So you need the teachings “OF” God from those who have been “anointed” to teach. Self-chosen teachers, pastors, preachers who went to a bible college to learn it are not anointed, therefore feeding on their teachings is of “left overs”. For an “unanointed” person to teach God (the way of God) it won’t come out right. Because they are in the gray zone (below the veil) trying to teach something that is from the white zone (above the veil), they are not at the same level of the holy teachings, so the holy teachings are being lowered to their lower level of comprehension, their way of teaching won’t come out right, their understanding of scripture won’t come out right.

Worldly Teachers are tying to teach something that is of a higher dimension than where they are standing, as they stand in a lower dimension of gray zone. Like living on the 2nd floor of an apartment and hearing people talking from the 3rd floor above you, without being actually in the same room with them (third floor) you’re not going to hear things correctly or perceive things correctly. You could hear something from the 3rd floor, but without actually seeing what’s going on, what you hear you are “assuming” what it means or you may portray a different look-a-like meaning. Like the word “no” and “know” both sound the same but have two entirely different meanings. So what you hear from coming out of the 3rd floor you may take it as “no” when it really is “know”.

Therefore do you want leftover teachings or teachings of fresh anointing? Do you want to be taught by someone on the second floor (gray zone) who is mere just getting leftover crumbs that fall down from the 3rd floor “white zone” or want to be taught by someone who is on the 3rd floor, at the same level as God???

1 Peter 2:2
Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation.

So when in the gray zone, being taught by the Holy Spirit as you read the bible, because you are in the gray zone of duality (God & Devil), you may get a different interpretation of the meaning or receive only partial truth of the meaning. Like Satan telling Eve she wouldn’t die if she at the apple of the tree of good and evil; upon eating the apple she did not drop down dead physically!, no she died spiritually. So being told she won’t die was only half true.

Like that of a faucet, you have both hot water and cold water turned on at the same time, not getting just cold nor just hot but warm. Remember playing the blind-game as a child, where you are blind folded and have to try find an object in the room with some else there guiding you – you are warm, hot, or cold? Cold meant that you were far away from hitting bulls-eye (the object), hot meant you hit the bulls-eye, warm meant you are close to the bulls-eye. As the blind-folded person moved around the room to try and find the object the one that could see guided them telling them “you are getting colder” meaning they needed to change direction as they were getting further away from the bulls-eye target (object) … “you are getting warmer” meant that the blind-person was headed in a better direction. So warm (gray zone) is closer and better than cold (black zone); warm (gray zone) is a little off from being there (white zone). So teachings in the gray zone, will be a little “off” from the truth.

“So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.” -Revelation 3:16 


A little off can make a huge difference in the end!

Say you were planning a trip, by car, going 3,000 miles west to east and it was a straight pathway from Point A (west) to Point B (east). Early in the journey, ten miles into the road trip, the road splits!, and both roads seem to look as if they were going parallel and “straight”. So you make a decision going left, and realized at the end of the trip, you are not where you need to be! You are 100 miles away from where you needed to be. Close but not close enough! Starting out just one little degree off from straight, caused you to miss the mark in the end!

So teachers in the gray zone, think they know where they are going, think they are guiding you in the right direction, the road they are on “appears” parallel, the scenery looks the same as the pathway us God-chosen “anointed” ones are on, but it’s not…it’s not the same road!

Hebrews 8:5
“They serve at a sanctuary that is a copy and shadow of what is in heaven.”


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