Outcry Over Pets In Pet Food

Outcry Over Pets in Pet Food by Stephanie Simon   The practice of boiling down euthanized dogs and cats for industrial fat and protein causes an uproar in St. Louis   ST. LOUIS — It started with footage of Blacky and Scoop, melt-your-heart dogs with no one to claim them, alone at the city pound–and […]

What’s Killing Our Pets

What’s Killing Our Pets by Ann Martin   The government is failing to adequately inspect the ingredients in pet food. The commercial pet foods industry rakes in billions of dollars annually. In exchange for our dollars, we trust the companies to provide our pets with quality nutrition. The recent pet food recall demonstrated that our […]

The Truth About Commercial Pet Food

The Truth About Commercial Pet Food by Tina Perry   Cow brains. Sheep guts. Chicken heads. Road kill. Rancid grain. These are a few of the so-called nutritionally balanced ingredients found in the commercial pet food served to companion animals every day. More than 95 percent of US companion animals derive their nutritional needs from […]

API – Animal Protection Institute Report

 An API (Animal Protection Institute) Report – 2007   Whole chickens, choice cuts of beef, fresh grains and all the   wholesome nutrition your dog or cat will ever need!   These are the images pet food manufacturers promulgate through the media and advertising. This is what the $10 billion per year U.S. pet food […]

Intro to Commercial Pet Food Warning

Commercial Pet Food Warning the truth about what’s really in your pet’s food by IsoHealthy   Clever pet food labeling deceive the minds of many pet parents. There is an “art” to making what is defiled “appear” to look good; it’s known as Rhetoric. Rhetoric is a creative way of communication, a language designed to […]

Stop Feeding Us Rubbish – Pet Food Warning – Articles

Pet Food Warning – Articles Intro to Commercial Pet Food Warning API Report on Commercial Pet Food The Truth About Commercial Pet Food What’s Killing Our Pets Toxic Trace Metal Analysis of Commercial Pet Food Dark Side Of Recycling – Rendering Plants Food Not Fit For A Pet Outcry Over Pets In Pet Food   […]