The Golden Rule

Anyone, from any walk of life religion-wise or secular, from any race or nationality, ANYONE, can apply The Golden Rule of God (teachings written in the Holy Bible) and reap great fortune and success!

The Golden Rule is this: a basic principle that should be followed to ensure success in general or in a particular activity; the biblical rule of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (Matthew 7:12). [This means of The Golden Rule as for practicing spiritually and as for oneness with the Divine].


This alone is does not lead to heaven! Sure following The Golden Rule (as mentioned above) produces “life” in your here-and-now worldly life, but God ALSO has a Golden Rule for getting into heaven eternally. In other words, The Golden Rule as mentioned above is incomplete  and partiality.

I meet so many people while out in the world sharing my testimony of God-Jesus, that say they believe that God is merely going by The Golden Rule (as mentioned above) … in other words, they go by The Golden Rule as for their god, The Golden Rule is their god!

This is actually anti-god and anti-christ. Anti-God because they are not experiencing God spiritually personally in their lives, let alone experiencing Jesus Christ in their lives spiritually. 

They think that, because they reap great success and fortune applying The Golden Rule that they are experiencing God in their life. This is only half-true. They are experiencing the “universal laws of God”, the “creations of God” but not God The Person. They do not have a personal relationship with God. This is ONE of the tricks of the enemy. Satan is all about half-truths, making people think that they are ALREADY connected to God that no further action is required. Just like some Christians go by this one scripture “we are saved by grace and not by works” that they think no other action is required for getting into heaven. When a person is below the veil, even as a half-bred Christian, they are under the reign of Satan, who gears people to go a direction by causing them to focus on and follow only certain scriptures in the holy bible as “whole truth” (when in deed it is NOT whole truth!) to keep them in sin, cursed, and effect a hell-bound eternal retirement.  [Learn more … Understanding Scripture]

The Golden Rule That Leads To Heaven is this: to lay down your life (give it UP to Jesus) for God’s Will to be done in-through-out of you,  and doing ‘it’ … in-through-out-with Jesus Christ spiritually in wholeness, upon the approval of God-Jesus, grafted-in/in-yoke with Jesus Christ spiritually, in a covenant relationship with God-Jesus, in a Complete Unity relationship with God-Jesus, having the eyes-mind-will of God, under the reign of Jesus Christ, in a Holy and Altar Of God way, in a way that also exalts God’s Kingdom and Jesus UP, IN CHRIST above the veil, that also includes a “personal” Will Of God (we are all here to do a divine task), with Gifts of the Holy Spirit in with human-being gifts and talents, offering eternal salvation to others…AND DO IT IN “LOVE”. [This means of The Golden Rule as for practicing spiritually and as for oneness with the Divine].

God did reveal to me that: if a person’s wealth is not established on the deity Jesus Christ, spiritually, in wholeness, they are going to end up amongst the poor and the starving.

Many people who claim to be going by The Golden Rule are doing it in an anti-Christ kind of way! They are not going by scripture in wholeness, but only going by certain scriptures that produce prosperity “here-and-now” which is only temporary fulfillment. The influence of the anti-Christ (Satan) will cause people to go by “certain” (some not all) scriptures that will effect them to MISS THE MARK for a heaven-bound eternal retirement. Above the veil, we are caused to go by scriptures that produce a heaven-bound effect. [Read article … The Dark & Light Side Of Scripture]

Many people who became prosperous going by The Golden Rule feel connected to God via oneness. And thereby THINK because they are bearing MUCH fruit that they are connected to (grafted-in) to Jesus Christ. This is a trick of the enemy!!! Learn More Here

To only help people up physically only, not offering your customers and/or employees the Gift Of ‘Eternal’ Salvation too, is not genuine love, not love in wholeness, not providing a service in wholeness, but more geared towards the love of self-gain only not God-gain. Honestly, as a business owner selling a product or service, how can you sleep at night knowing that your customers whom you are taking money from (for an honest product or service) is not headed to heaven? To me it feels like using people for money; it feels like robbing them. I can’t do business unless I am offing eternal salvation too. Yes, God wants us to treat people the best we can, even if they are a sinner headed to THE PIT, but God also wants people not to have to go to THE PIT too!

Going by The Golden Rule partially is not wholeness.

Because the enemy is so sly in deceiving people, is God’s purpose and intention for giving me; My Testimony Of Him!

Divinity versus Divinity Of Christ









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