White Sands National Park – New Mexico, USA

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The White Sands National Park is located about 15 miles west of Alamogordo in New Mexico and it was FUN!!! … a huge God-made playground. It looks like snow but it’s white sand. They even sell sleds (the flying saucer type) there to slide down the sand dunes on. I got there the day before Thanksgiving 2015 and decided to spend the night there in a tent. 

Fee: $5.00 for a 7-day pass, and $3.00 for overnight in a tent per person. White Sands - 6

Tenting/Back Packing: There were 10 tent sites however you can have more than one tent to a site. Tent sites are about a mile hike from the parking lot. No campfires allowed, carry-in/carry-out, take your own water, food, and port-a-pottie! Each tent site was like having your own little valley in the middle of surrounding sand dunes. Neighboring tents sites were off in a distance on the other side of sand dunes in their own valley. More Info [PDF] »

White Sands - 3Facilities: Tourist Information Center and Gift Store are located up front before you enter into the park containing bathrooms with running water; but once inside the park there were pit-hole type toilets with no water.

Picnicking: There were many picnic sites with covered tables and grills inside the park.

Hiking: There were some post-marked trails. You could pretty much hike anywhere on and throughout the sand dunes, just make sure you don’t get lost out there.

During the right time of year, you can see flowers, plantations, white lizards, black bugs, etc. It is about a 12 mile drive to the other end of the park with site-seeing places along the way to stop at. The first stop has a board walk making it convenient for people who have some disabilities to still go out amongst the sand dunes.

The night I tented, there was a full moon that reflected off the white sand like having an outdoor night-light; otherwise it would have been pitch black out there without the light off the moon. It was a neat feeling, but since I was by myself it was a bit scary to me too, especially since neighboring tents were off in a distance. It was fun waking up to playing on the sand dunes.