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The Wellness Industry

People today are looking for answers to health challenges that don’t seem to be available in the healthcare industry. If you analyze it, it really is not the “health care” industry but the “sick care” industry because it treats the physical effects of disease not its root cause. This “sick care” industry is a $1.3 Trillion dollar industry in the U.S. alone!

As people (and pets) experience the extraordinary benefits of Therapeutic-Grade essential oils and witness how well their mind~body~spirit responds to them, we can expect a paradigm shift in our view towards medicine and health. Essential Oils are “The Missing Link” in wellness.

Most of us would rather be healed of sickness than treat it. This approach to health has created a new paradigm and exploding interest in natural, non-pharmaceutical, non-manipulative, non-surgical resolutions to health issues called the Wellness Industry.



These products are geared towards fulfilling a Higher Good purpose in the world.

1) Recognizing the health-hazard of using dangerous chemical-based products in the home and body, Young Living created a full line of essential oil infused “health-promoting” natural eco-friendly products.

2) Essential oils are biblically documented as to be our medicine and not prescription drugs!
Drugs vs. Oils  |  Oils of Scripture  

3) Young Living created a line of oil blends that can assist a person in removal of emotional blocks that prevents a person from personal growth and accomplishment. Feelings Kit


Young Living Essential Oils not only provides cutting-edge, UNIQUE alternative products to address the booming consumer demand, they also provide a profitable financial compensation plan for those seeking to supplement their current income. Enjoy high quality health supplements, personal care and home products (at wholesale cost) while increasing your financial security all at the same time.

Having a Young Living distributorship account qualifies a person to purchase products at a wholesale discount rate of 24% off retail price. Young Living products may be sold in stores by means of retail marketing (straight sales). However, there is a greater way to earn money with Young Living and that’s by “referral marketing” of connecting [consumers-2-manufacturer] word of mouth communication. With “referral marketing” there are no products to stock, no sale transactions, nor record keeping. Simply share Young Living with others by personal  one-on-one contact, by handing out (distributing) a business card or brochure leading people to your “company website” (details below).

You can “buy and resell” (distribute) Young Living’s products in a store per “retail marketing”; however, this method is limiting towards your income potential as it won’t be “residual” income-based. Retail sales is a self-centered approach and thereby, you reap what you sow…your income revenue will be smaller, as it is not helping others financially too. A Higher Good approach to retail sales is to also make available to your customers−Young Living’s income opportunity…by offering others financial gain will also prosper you too!


You can achieve greater results by having 100 people
working with you at 1%, then you working alone at 100%


Plan A: Young Living’s compensation plan is residual and passive income based IF doing it as “referral marketing”, so even when you retire, you’ll still get a pay check as long as your group of people continue to purchase products; and that paycheck can continue to grow if your group of people keep on sharing Young Living with others. Plan B: But with “retail marketing” only, when you retire (stop selling products), your Young Living income will retire/stop too!

Hence you can either retire on money that continues to come in each month here-and now via on going current sales [plan A] or retire on money saved-up in the bank from sales of the past [plan B]. With Plan A, you can also invest some of that monthly income too having multiple sources of retirement income to live on. Wealthy people do not have all their money in one place, do not have or rely on “one” source of income only – that is living dangerously and riskly.

Young Living’s Compensation Plan [PDF]


Earning a residual income is like earning interest on money in the bank. You get paid whether or not you get out of bed in the morning.

MONTHLY INCOME @ 5% interest



$48,000 $200 per month
$144,000 $600 per month
$192,000 $800 per month
$240,000 $1,000 per month
$480,000 $2,000 per month
$960,000 $4,000 per month
$1,200,000 $5,000 per month
$2,240,000 $10,000 per month

Just earning a residual income of $200 per month means you have to save $48,000!!! Many people achieve this within their first two to three months in this business.


As an independent distributor to Young Living products, you will receive …

ecommerce website with a built-in sales tracking system (for around $9.95 a month)
FREE toll-free support line and order taking operators
FREE fulfillment center; that stocks and ships the products for you
Marketing Tools reasonably priced (brochures, CDs, etc.)

Now is the time to claim your place among those who enjoy the benefits
of optimum health and financial freedom by joining us!


Distributor Enrollment Kits

Upon signing up you will asked to purchase one of the following
Distributor Kits to becoming a Young Living Independent Distributor.

You can view the Kits below, to know what you’ll be purchasing upon Sign-Up.



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